B & M Auto-Craft Collision Ltd.

A family affair, showing you we care

As a young boy in Rome, Italy, I often visited my father, Michele Murazzo, at his automotive repair facility.  This marked the beginning of my love for cars.  Following graduation, my passion for automobiles led me to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a certified automotive technician.  After being employed for a number of years I chose to embark on my own journey, and in 1987 my brother-in-law, Antonio Beninteso, and I established B&M Auto-Craft Collision.  At that time, we were a two-man operation producing showroom finishes and extremely eager to please our customers.  Our operation began in one facility where Antonio and I provided the “full B&M experience.”

As we started to expand our business, we began hiring licensed technicians who shared the same drive for perfection as we did. The B&M name, and service experience, was becoming increasingly recognized in the automotive community. The number of returning customers indicated to us that we were exceeding the expectations of many. We began developing corporate contacts, and today we are highly recommended by numerous new-car dealers.

In 1993, we expanded our business yet again acquiring a second facility located across the street from our original building.  We designated this building solely for bodywork, where we have fourteen bays including five which are occupied by frame machines used for structural repairs.

At B&M, Antonio and I believe that our most valuable asset does not appear on the company’s balance sheet. Rather, it is our employees that allow B&M to flourish and serve its clients’ at a level which exceeds their expectations. As such, we have developed a culture which reflects a close-knit family. I am proud to say that the family legacy continues two generations after my father established his repair facility in Rome, with our sons working for B&M today.

Only when an employee feels deeply connected to a company, will he or she want to perform at their best. At B&M we strive to provide the best service possible and we hope that when you visit us, you too will feel like part of the family.

Tony Murazzo